Awesome WordPress Photo for your Blog

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Are you looking for high quality images for your blog? As a creative professional, you probably know the importance of visuals to the success of your blog. While there are thousands to millions of free images in the Internet, you can’t risk getting chased by the copyright police. It will not only leave your pockets empty, but you could lose your clients too. So if you are on the hunt for awesome wordpress photo, you need to get PixelRockstar.

You may be thinking why you need to get a plugin if you can download from wordress library. Well, the wordpress library has some high quality photos, but you will find it not enough to fulfill your creative needs. To broaden your choices and get yourself the most proper image for your blog, you need PixelRockstar. Check here!

The wordpress plugin has over 4 million high quality and legally safe images in its collection. It also features an easy to use user interface. You can search and add images to your website and social media in just a few clicks. The images you download are yours to use forever, too. So, stop wasting your valuable time and get the plugin that rocks!

It’s for free!

This is not a trick. You can install the wordpress plugin for free. You only have to pay for the image package you choose. Currently, PixelRockstar offers three types of packages – Pixel, Rock and Star. For fewer creative needs, we recommend the Pixel pack. It includes 10 images for the price of $9. For slightly higher needs, the Rock pack is the best choice. For only $35, you can download 50 images.

If you want great value for your money, you have to get the Star pack. It allows you to download a single image for as low $0.57. That’s right! For only $200, you can download up to 350 images – which is perfect for very high image needs.